Dining Room Wall Color

Dining Room Wall Color. While you can certainly plan your. If you love to collect plates and china You can choose to display your plates by color, pattern or mix it all up and simply hang all of your favorites.

Formal dining room Colours
Formal dining room Colours (Matthew Hogan)
I bucked the advice I tend to give out about not painting walls white by using a palette of several different whites on the various surfaces to create more texture and visual interest. The bold walls, geometric chandelier, and abstract art turn this formal dining room into an eclectic, but totally gorg, space. The wall colors for this multipurpose space should provide a flexible backdrop to this ebb and flow of activities.

I couldn't find a good example showing a green ceiling, but this is close enough.

These bold dining room color ideas are guaranteed to transform your room from okay to extraordinary.

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Living room colors may continue toward the bedrooms via the hallway. This eclectic brown dining room wall features a beautiful display of wall art plates in a variety of patterns and styles. When you're decorating a dining room, it's easy to focus on the table, chairs, and plates.

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