Should Kitchen Faucet Match Cabinet Hardware

Should Kitchen Faucet Match Cabinet Hardware. In a bohemian-inspired kitchen, you can have many different elements. Who says that kitchen cabinets hardware has to be only finished in one color?

Should Faucets & Cabinet Hardware Match? | Home Guides ...
Should Faucets & Cabinet Hardware Match? | Home Guides ... (Ronald Griffith)
We're so close to the reveal, it's like the cherry on top of the space. How Do You Choose Cabinet Hardware To Match Kitchen Decorations? This bold, black faucet pairs perfectly with a sturdy farmhouse sink and matching black cabinet hardware.

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After removing the existing faucet, all you need to do is put Find a faucet that matches the color of your other hardware, such as your appliances or cabinet handles.

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Why We Should Do It Ourselves. The cabinets are an oak color. But note there's a wide range of sizes when it comes to the spans between screws on kitchen If you opt for handles that don't match up with existing holes, fill holes with wood filler and camouflage the repair with fresh stain or paint.

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